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GISHWHES 117 - play duck, duck, goose with actual ducks and geese. 

Hmmm, I thought to myself, Danny’s campus has ducks and A goose…. I bet we could make this happen. So I recruit Danny and Alyssa and we grab some bread and head out to the lake (ok, pond, but whatever). We convince the ducks to follow us by dropping bread crumbs Hansel and Gretel style and plop down in the grass, letting them get used to us for a bit. 

A couple were bolder than others - the goose (we named him Goosifer because of REASONS) was actually very gentle toward us, not always toward the ducks but hey. One of the little ducks kept jumping in our laps to try and get the bread, but she was super cute and also fairly gentle, so it wasn’t terrifying. Then there was Tufty Duck, so named because of the tuft of feathers on the top of his head. He has no boundaries. He bit shirts, fingers, hair, etc. He rubbed himself all over you if he thought you weren’t paying enough attention to him. And, if you were sneaky, he’d let you pet him. 

So, there we are, in the middle of campus while classes are going on. There are strangers wandering about but I’ve gotten my little flock together, bribed them with bread and gotten them used to me. I stand, looking over at Allyssa. “You ready?” I ask.

"Ready," she assures me.

And I did it. I patted Tufty. “Duck!” I patted Daniel. “Duck.” I patted Goosifer. “Goose!” I ran in a small circle around the circled ducks. They scattered. I sat in Goosifer’s spot and grinned at Alyssa.

Misha Collins - the things I do for you, man. 

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